Reclaiming Your Sacred

Divine Feminine

MAYAN JUNGLE (Mexico) December 3-9, 2022

Dare to Submerge in the Alchemical Cauldron

and Consecrate the Great Mysteries in Your Being.

7  Intense Days of Inner Work that Will Transform your Life


Three women pioneers in the awakening of female consciousness intertwine their experience, skills and techniques and bring to you a transformational program … a bootcamp for the soul.

Goddess Activation Blueprint, Sexuality and  Astrology. A program carefully designed to touch all the areas a woman must  activate and understand in order to embrace the corageous and loving inner goddess.



Activation in a Pyramid Vortex

Purification in a Mystic Cenote

Reconnection in the Caribbean Sea Waters

Blueprint Goddess Codes Activations

In Sacred Sites of the Mayan Jungle


Founder of The Sisters of Rose Lineage, Keleena Mahlnar will take you in a quantum  voyage to recalibrate your fragmented blueprint and realign your original design to remember and awaken those aspects in your physical body this lifetime.

Each of her ceremonies will take place in  different sacred sites throughout the region. Underground Lagoon (cenote), Caribbean Sea, and an Arqueological site.

More details for Keleena to add.


Black Moon Lilith

The Pearl of Strenght for the Feminine Awakening

The Union of Black Moon Lilith and Venus … As it was Meant to Be!

Dare to expose the shadow that keeps you trapped in the dungens of darkness to transform it into strenght and courage and become who you truly are. Leave behind the “solar plexus to heart” distorted model of pretending and allow to open the original blueprint channel of “Heart to Yoni”. It is your birthright!!

Raquel Spring, a 4th generational astrologer will guide you very swiftly and loving with sharp methodology to embrace those rejected parts of yourself that are ready to be integrated in your being.

Awakening Orgasmic Pathways in Your Anatomy

No, It is not as you Were Led to Believe!

Your body possesses the organic technology needed to heal with the most efficient and “forbidden” medicine that exists within your anatomy. Yet, the right methodology and understanding are needed to consciously cultivate and distribute this energy to utilize its purpose to the fullest.

The social dogma and the condemnation of sexual energy in women caused the physical body to block essential pathways and functions  creating a great disconnection with her body,  wisdom and intuitive nature.

You will experience an explosion of CORPORAL INTELLIGENCE!

During these 7 days you will be introduced to a carefully designed set of movements with the goal of refining and reactivating orgasmic pathways in your anatomy, at the same time breaking taboos and releasing shamed, repressed and abused areas. You will show new pathways to the brain to direct, circulate and uilize this energy efficiently for optimal restoration of your body, vitality and rejuvenation.



This life-transforming experience will take place in an ecologically friendly Private Magical Sanctuary in the middle of the Virgin Jungle of the Riviera Maya. With more than 2 kilometers of private access in nature for walks and views of local species of birds and Monkies.

Being inside the jungle in contact with the silence of nature and at night seeing the light of fireflies is truly a delight for the soul!


If you are interested please click the botton below

~ Limited Spaces ~


You will fly to Cancun International Airport, Quintana Roo.

Arrival: Saturday December 3 before 4pm

(We will pick up the group at the airport at 4pm)

Departure: Friday December 9 at 9am

(We will take the group back to the airport at 9am)



Price Inclides:

  • 7 days of retreat
  • 6 nights of accommodations in single bed and shared room (rooms will be assigned according to your arrival)
  • 20 vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • 3 Initiations/ceremonies: cenote, pyramid and beach.
  • Cost of entrance and transportation to the excursions.
  • 7 Day program and material
  • Transportation from airport to sanctuary and vice versa.





  • Airplane ticket
  • Personal Massage
  • Food purchased outside the program agenda.
  • Personal temazcal
  • Traveler insurance – if you decide to buy it
  • Medical expenses if needed

Payment Schedule

Payment 1, $777

Payment 2, $777

Payment 3, $777


Retreat Total Cost $2,331 USD

Refund Policy: If for any reason you may have to cancel 45 days before the retreat takes place,  the money will be returned to you  only if another person takes your place, Money will be refunded until the retreat is over.



Keleena Malnar

Divine Feminine DNA Blueprint Activator

Raquel Springs

4th Generational Astrologer

Hortensia Martinez

Orgasmic Metholodology Trainer